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Hello! We're Anna and Kymn. We have been friends for going on 25 years. We met in North Texas when we were 7 years old and both on the local swim team. Our moms discovered that we lived close to each other, only a donkey pen in between us, but that's a whole other story! Since that time we’ve both moved far from our old stomping grounds and here we are today, still dealing with each other's ridiculousness! Anna is based out of New York City. She is a business owner and dog-mom to Buddy. She’s seen “Beetlejuice The Musical” on Broadway 6 times. Kymn (like a hymn) lives in Houston and works in Parks and Recreation. She is a part-time photographer and right on the edge of being a crazy cat lady with Frank and Eevie. Both love running, traveling, their amazing families and, of course, telling Peculiar Stories & Far Out Tales!


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